About Roger


De Vlaeminck turned professional at the start of the 1969 season with Flandria-Declerck and won the Omloop “Het Volk” in his first race. De Vlaeminck’s career ran parallel with Eddy Merckx and he battled for ascendancy with Merckx throughout his career. De Vlaeminck rode Paris–Roubaix on 14 occasions, winning four times (1972, 1974, 1975, 1977), finished second four times, third once, fifth once, sixth once, seventh twice and abandoned only in 1980. His skill as a cyclo-cross rider made him an expert on the cobbles of northern France which the race crosses. De Vlaeminck used the early season Italian stage race Tirreno–Adriatico as training for the spring classics. He dominated the race between 1972 and 1977, winning on six occasions and taking 15 stages.

Roger’s Philosophy

At Roger, we want to create your dream bike. Choose your bike, your color scheme and your components. And we offer you that bike at the lowest price possible. We call that #buildyourroger.

Roger uses a direct-sales strategy to get the price down for you. But we don’t skimp on quality. Our bikes are tested for ISO4210 + 20% and we offer a 3 year guarantee on our frames.

We choose the best frames available that suit the riding purpose best. Top quality and performance in terms of geometry, stiffness, weight and looks. You can finish the bike to your liking.


Although our emphasis lies on customisation, we do not lack technology. Our frames meet the highest standards, because we have a great partner in China with tons of experience. Why invest in expensive, so called proprietary, technology, when we can invest in you.

But for those who love the tech; our frames are primarily made from T700 and T1000 prepregs, laid over EPS molds, resulting in a nice blend of stiffness and compliance at a competitive weight. The EPS technology insures that the inside of the frame is smooth and that the wall is compact and without voids.

Monolith is a true monocoque system, where the frame comes out of the mold as one piece. As opposed to different parts being bonded together after molding.


An important part of creating your dream bike is the choice of groupset.
We can offer you most options from the Shimano range. And also, we have the FSA WE group in stock.

We know that most of you will have a good grasp of what’s what in terms of gruppo’s. But for those who need a little help in making the right choice, or have a special request, don’t hesitate to contact us.


After choosing your groupset, it us time to further customize your Roger.

We have a selection of brands to choose from. At this moment we cannot offer you everything on the market, because that would be a nightmare for stock 😉  But I think our offer of wheels, saddles, etc. is wide enough in terms of look, feel and cost.

You can also consider ordering your Roger without a saddle for instance, because you might be fan of a certain brand or model. That is all fine by us, we just won’t mount and won’t charge you for it.