Roger’s Technology

Partner in Technology

We have an excellent partner in China with tons of experience and proprietary technology (see Monolith) who makes Roger’s unique carbon frame sets. These are built with great expertise and consistency, making them highly reliable.

Roger’s frames meet the highest standards. We go 20% over ISO4210, which is the new and improved international standard for bicycle safety.


Our frames are primarily made from T700 and T1000 prepregs, laid over EPS molds, resulting in a nice blend of stiffness and compliance at a competitive weight.

EPS Molding

To compress the carbon against the inside of the mold, we use EPS (Expandable PolyStyrene) sections.
These sections are molded to represent the exact shape of the inside of the frame and fork.

Then they are wrapped with sheets of prepregs and placed inside the mold.

When the mold is heated, the EPS expands and presses the carbon sheets against the mold, creating a smooth and voidless wall. This ensures the best possible construction in terms of weight, stiffness and strength.


Monolith molding is proprietary method of molding a frame in one session….true monocoque!

Usually a frame is divided into a few main sections (like front triangle, seperate seat and chain stays) which are bonded together after molding.

With Monolith, the entire frame is molded as a one-piece product. This allows carbon sheets to run across the ‘classic’ transitions without interruption. These critical transitions are now optimized for stiffness and strength, without the penalty of extra weight.